Easton FMJ Dangerous Game

5MM FMJ Dangerous Game


“When it comes to the world’s

toughest animals, I need the hardest hitting

arrow I can get. Dangerous

Game gives me deep penetration

for the world’s heaviest, thickest

skinned animals. Utilizing a high strength,

heavy-duty carbon core

wrapped in a full beefed up metal

jacket, the Dangerous Game has

every bit of bone-crushing power

I need for hunting anywhere on

the planet.”

Phil Phillips


-High-strength N-FUSED® carbon core with

7075 alloy metal jacket

-Guaranteed straightness: ± .002″

-Easy target pull

Components Included:

• Pre-installed orange X Nocks

• Brass X HIT conventional thread break-off inserts

Components Sold Separately:

• X HIT conventional thread inserts

Deep Six6 RPS steel inserts

Deep Six6 broadheads

• Field points

SizeShaft Weight
Spine @ 28″ spanStock LengthRPS PointBroadhead Adapter RingO.D.
30016.00.3003217/64BAR 60.280
25017.70.25032.55/16BAR 70.290
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