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Easton Pro Staff FAQ

Easton Pro Staff FAQ

Q-    How do I become a factory-direct Easton Pro Staff/International Staff/Ambassador Staff member?

  1. There are fewer than 10 competitors worldwide who are Easton Pro Staff members.  Typically these are archers who:
  • Work actively to promote the sport of archery through their actions and behavior.
  • Already shoot Easton arrows by their personal choice.
  • Are held in the highest esteem by fellow competitors and exhibit the highest level of integrity and sportsmanship.
  • Have competed at the world level as a member of a senior National team.
  • Men’s Compound, Women’s Compound, Men’s Recurve, or Women’s Recurve member of a World Archery World Championship Target or Field team, Olympic team, or World Games team in the senior Compound and Recurve divisions, and continue to actively compete on the international or continental level.
  • Regularly communicate to Easton on issues involving archery in their regions and on opportunities to help grow and promote the sport.

Pro Staff members are administered directly through the factory by the Pro Staff manager.  Normally this level staff position is offered by invitation only.

Easton Ambassador Staff positions are open contingency equipment programs for top former competitors and/or others who do not meet the criteria for Pro Staff due to, for example, retirement from world level competition, but are still strongly involved in competition, volunteering to further archery programs, or coaching. 

This position generally provides equipment support at special pricing, and is by invitation only.

Q- What’s the difference between the Easton Pro Staff/Ambassador Staff and other archers who get some level of factory support?

  1. On a case-by-case basis, Easton may provide support (generally, a discount on factory-direct arrows) to shooters who are a part of certain programs, such as the USAA RED team, or international competitors who already shoot Easton arrows and have provided a high level of competitive performance and service to our sport.  If you feel that you meet these criteria, we invite you to send your competitive and archery service resume to: Prostaff Coordinator, Easton Technical Products, 5040 W. Harold Gatty Dr., Salt Lake City, Utah, USA 84116

Q- What about contingency?  Can I win contingency if I win or podium with Easton arrows, even if I don’t have a shooter contract?

A.- Yes!  Easton offers a generous Open Contingency program for competitors using our products in selected premiere events.  For details, please visit the homepage and navigate to the contingency link at the bottom.