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Easton Archery - Outdoor Shooting


By George Tekmitchov, Easton Sr. Engineer, Target Product Manager


This article was originally published in 2014, but still applies today

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, as of this writing, outdoor season is well under way.

Whether your goal is to have fun at club events, set a new personal record, make your national team, or even a World team, there are a number of gear-related steps every shooter should take in preparation for, and act on during the outdoor season, that can help get a smoother start.

Start with your arrows.

Change out your nocks for fresh ones.  Depending on bow weight, string fit, and other variables, nocks- any nocks- can start to change fit in as few as 200 individual (per arrow) shots.  It’s generally best to change them all out at the same time to ensure consistency.  (Get fresh nocks and other components here.)

Drop each arrow onto a carpeted floor to detect the telltale “buzz” of a loose point insert.  If you have “buzzy” points, pull and re-glue your points using Easton hot melt.  A loose point can make for some very weird flight behavior.

Check Spin Wings and other mylar type vanes regularly- if the adhesive tape is ready to give up- it’s not something you want to find out when the arrow is halfway to 70M.  That has cost championships before.

Check for dinged points, which can drag across your clicker.

Check every arrow shaft for damage.  After each and every shot.  It’s just common sense. (Need details?  Look here.)

Now turn your attention to your bow.

Re-check tightness on every critical screw– limb bolt locking screws, limb alignment locking screws, sight mounting screws, sight screws, clicker screws, clicker plate screws, and especially limb detent screws.  Use blue Loctite, or equivalent, as needed, to ensure reliable tightness.  Got a rubber kitchen glove, or just a thin sheet of rubber handy?  Those are great for snugging up stabilizer weights.  Wrapping a few rubber bands around the weights for better grip will also do in a pinch.

Now take a good look at your string.  Frayed or loose servings?  Re-serve or replace.  Be sure to check end loops, too.

Check your nock points, whether crimped or tied, and make sure they are secure.  Look for frayed or broken string strands.

Give the string a new coat of string wax, or even try out the Easton string maintenance kit, which can clean and re-seal your string in three easy steps.

Check limbs for cracks, delaminations or other potential issues.  If everything’s OK, look for chipped paint.  If you have wood core limbs, repair any chips with clear nail polish to prevent moisture intrusion later in the season when it rains.  Foam core limbs?  No problem with water.  Take a good look at the limb tips for signs of cracking or delamination.

Give your limbs a thin coat of car wax. (unless matte finished) This helps shed water and keeps them looking good while helping protect from UV and weather.  Looks good too.

Now, check over your tab.  1/3rd of the way into the season is no time to be breaking in a new Cordovan face.  (You ARE using a Cordovan face, aren’t you?)  If you need a new tab face or backing, now is the time to change it out.  Look for cracks, separations, excessive stretching or thin spots.  Check your finger loop to be sure it is in good shape.  Same goes for finger slings, replace worn ones now.  Give your quiver, belt, armguard and chest protector a look and make sure they’re in good order.

Pull your scope tripod out of the closet and give it a once-over, looking for loose screws, or other issues.  Check the wheels on your hard case and make sure they’re up to snuff.  Check latches and hinges.

It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to prepare for the new season- time well spent to avoid problems on the shooting line.