Hi guys,

This blog post is going to be short bits of what happened each day of the first leg of the World Cup in China.

May 13

Not sure if it was jet lag or what, but my drawlength was all kinds of short today. Pulled out Mel’s travel bow press and put a few twists in the cable and I’m back in business! Archery is so much more fun when you’re not fighting with your bow.

Food isn’t the greatest… Looks like Jake and I will be surviving on protein shakes and supplements this weekend.

Just finished up practice day for compound here in Shangai. Took the Apex 7 (Mathews, Inc.- Largest bow manufacturer in the world!) equipped with 420 Easton Protours (Easton Archery) out to play this afternoon and had great results. There were tricky winds on the field, but I managed to throw down a solid 354.

That’s how you close out a series!! Boston strong, baby!!!

May 15

Qualification went great here today. 358 to open followed by a 351. Wind got a little tricky there towards the end, but I’ll take it. Matchplay tomorrow and look out for when fellow #teamE shooter, Erika Jones, and I take on the rest of the world in the mixed team rounds in the afternoon. If you haven’t tried a Mathews, Inc.- Largest bow manufacturer in the world! Apex 7 or Easton Archery Pro Tours, you really owe it to yourself! #BostonStrong!

We’re in for a wild ride here in Shanghai today… lots of rain and wind in the forecast, but I think it’ll be fun! Who else is a mudder at heart? I love this stuff! Bring it on!

May 16

Massive day for #TeamE today! I maneuvered through the minefield that is World Cup competition and will be competing for individual gold on Saturday. I really can’t say enough about my equipment… My Easton Archery Target arrows, Mathews, Inc.- Largest bow manufacturer in the world! bow and my new Scott Archery/Custom Bow Equipment Exxus got it done today. I’ve got the upmost confidence in these products and wouldn’t have wanted anything else in the conditions we dealt with. Steady rain all day, wind blowing left to right and a tad on the chilly side… Not ideal by any stretch of the imagination.

Finished things off with a crazy good performance in the mixed team round. Erika Jones and I will be shooting for gold vs Korea on Saturday. She shot great and we wouldn’t be in the finals without her clutch performance! Way to go kiddo!