Top brands choose Easton as the backbone for their highest performance equipment.

For over 40 years, Easton’s Utah factory has been renown for development and manufacture of expedition-grade tent poles. Easton’s carbon fiber and aerospace alloy pole systems are derived from years of design and manufacturing experience, resulting in the most advanced, lightweight, high-performance poles available today.

With a long track record of success from backpacking to mountaineering, 7075 aluminum alloy poles are the proven workhorse of Easton’s line and provide both durability and strength. For the strongest and lightest option on the market, Easton offers composite Syclone™ tent poles made using a ballistic-fiber, carbon, and resin matrix. Ballistic fiber is the same material used in military vehicles and body armor—this material allows the pole to flex under force and return to shape while maintaining shelter reliability. The carbon adds light-weight strength and the resin fuses all the fibers together. Composite poles have a similar stiffness, strength, and deflection properties as expedition aluminum, but offer increased durability and a 25-30% weight savings. For more information on Easton tent pole systems, call 888.327.8664.

Easton was founded in 1922. Easton tent products are designed and manufactured in their Utah, USA facility.

Thank you for your interest in Easton tubes for your project. 

As you can imagine, we receive a large number of R&D requests from individual inventors and small business owners seeking parts to prototype and test.  As a large-volume supplier of precision tubing, we are not well suited for small runs and sample builds.  To ensure that we do not give you a false impression, we want to state right up front that our minimum order quantity (MOQ) and volumes are as defined below:

Minimum sample order:  $1,000

Minimum initial production order:  $10,000

Terms:  credit card or cash in advance

If these conditions are acceptable to you, please let us know, and we can discuss your needs.  If these MOQs are too large, we recommend that you contact one of the companies below who typically stock Easton poles, and are very good at dealing with smaller order sizes and custom projects.  They also have the experience to answer many of the questions you may have regarding Easton poles. 


            Quest Outfitters


            (941) 923-5006


            Tent Pole Technologies


            (360) 260-9527


We wish you good luck and good success with your project.

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