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Easton Archery - X10 Arrows

Abhiska VIRMA made history today (Mar 13) at the 1st Asian Grand Prix of the 2014 season in Bangkok- the first World Ranking outdoor event on the worldwide 2014 season calendar.  Stiff winds, high temperatures and sweltering humidity proved no obstacle for Easton’s invincible X10 arrow with yet another record-shattering performance.  What World Archery Executive Director Tom Dielen believes to be the world’s first ever Back to Back perfect 150 scores in the elimination rounds of any ranking event, and the #1 slot for Saturday’s Gold Medal Finals, were the rewards for Mr. Virma as he launched a blazing streak of 47 consecutive 10’s at 50 meters on his way to the Gold Medal final, which takes place Saturday.

“All the (Indian) National Team members use Easton arrows, because we know they are the best.  Nothing else has ever stood up to the 300+ shots per day that we put them through, for months and years of training and competition” said a beaming VIrma,

Follow the outcome of the Asian Grand Prix and the entire 2014 World Outdoor season here on eastonarchery.com, and on www.archery.org


Finals are tomorrow, we’ll bring you more from sunny Bangkok!

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