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Easton Archery - World Indoor

Everywhere you look here at the World Indoor, you see it- the distinctive flash of the bright polished X23’s filling the quivers of an amazing number of the world’s best shooters.  Compound and recurve shooters alike seem to have rediscovered the fact that when it comes to pure precision, there still is nothing to match an Easton aluminum target shaft.  The retro-look X23’s look larger than life under the TV lights and spotlights of the World stage here- and the scores are proving their performance more than matches the great look.  Yesterday the USA Men’s Compound team racked up a perfect score, 240 points- matching the World Record- with X23’s.  The previous day, USA archery Erika Jones used her X23’s to break the 13-year old World Record indoor score set by fellow Easton shooter Christie (Bisco) Colin.

Watch the performances for yourself at, whre live steams of the matches are ongoing this weekend.

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Easton Archery

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