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Ready to Shoot, feather-fletched, pointed, and nocked high-strength All- Carbon Shaft for low-weight, compound and recurve bows, from 10 to 29 lbs up to 27” draw.  Sizes:  1000, 1400.  Vector shafts are ideal for beginners needing a durable, lightweight carbon arrow with good rest clearance and forgiveness for finger shooters.

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  • Reduced 4MM (G) diameter high-strength carbon fibers
  • Compatible with Easton G and N target nocks
  • Provides superior kinetic energy, deeper penetration, and more durability
  • Factory straight, weight & spine matched
  • Includes 4MM (N) nock, 65-grain steel point, and 2” shield-cut feathers
  • Straightness ±.003



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