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Easton Archery - Korea's first compound gold medal contender

Korean compound archery team member Choi Yong-hee today made history as he became Korea’s first-ever Gold Medal contender at a World Cup event.  The former Korean recurve team member may be just the tip of the iceberg, with his country having embarked on an all-out drive to dominate international compound archery not seen since, well, the last time they set out to dominate recurve archery, back in 1984.  And we all know how THAT worked out… total domination.

This in spite of hot and very windy conditions that confounded some of the world’s most experienced shooters, like Braden Gellenthein and Reo Wilde, here in Antalya, Turkey, today.

The Korean team shoots exclusively Easton arrows, same as their recurve counterparts, who incidentally will be shooting for Gold and Bronze recurve medals here on Sunday.

The Korean Archery association took some of their most experienced coaches and tasked them with building winners for the 2014 Asian Games, which will showcase compound for the first time.  They chose X10 and X10 ProTours for all the team setups- after all, Korean recurve shooters have successfully used X10’s for all of their achievements for nearly the past 20 years, and the X10 and Pro Tour dominate compound everywhere.  So it was no surprise they would pick the highest performance arrow in the world for this venture, too.

One thing is clear though—the Koreans are on a path to dominate not only the Asian Games, but potentially also take a bigger slice of compound archery success worldwide.  It’s going to take a lot of hard work and dedication to outperform this proven archery powerhouse in the long run.

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Easton Archery

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