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Easton Archery - National Titles

(From USA Archery)  The USA National Championship is based on a 144-arrow qualification round, 70 meters on a 122-cm target for the recurves and 50M on the 6-ring 80cm target for the compounds.  It is the ultimate test of accuracy.  And once again Easton athletes swept the titles with X10 and X10 ProTour shafts.

Khatuna Lorig topped women’s recurve to win the national title. Keeping it simple, she said her preparation was to “just shoot.” Most importantly, she noted: “you have to believe in yourself in archery, if you don’t believe in yourself, [your shots] won’t be good.

Compound women’s national champion Jamie Van Natta worked on her mental game, too. “I know I can shoot really good scores, I know I can do it and yesterday with the wind, it was challenging. So I spent most of last night mentally preparing for today, shooting shots in my head and saying ‘you can do this.’ This tournament has always been really good for me, I love it, so I just brought that into it. I was like, ‘you love this, this is what you do, just go out there and have fun.’ And I had a good time today.”

With his second men’s compound national title in a row, Reo Wilde enjoyed the shoot today and is already looking forward to tomorrow’s U.S. Open matches. “I just started shooting full time, I’ve been working a lot on my shot to make it feel more natural, more clean.” Regarding tomorrow’s tournament, he shared: “that’s always the fun part; I like eliminations.”

Brady Ellison, national champion for men’s recurve, prepared for the tournament by experimenting with equipment and testing out different set-ups. His advice to young archers competing this weekend or who are interested in starting archery is to “work hard and follow your dreams.”

Easton is proud to be the choice of America’s best archers, including all of the Sr Division National Champions.

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