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ACU Carbon Arrow Construction

ACU Carbon Arrow Construction – How Carbon Arrows Are Made

Repeatable consistency in weight, stiffness, and straightness are the most vital aspects in making accurate carbon arrows. And Easton has developed exclusive Acu-carbon manufacturing to control these crucial elements to produce match-accurate shafts that are a cut above regular carbon arrows. Ordinary, wrapped carbon shafts suffer from accuracy-robbing spine inconsistency and weight variation that can dramatically affect exactness and compromise the arrows grouping downrange at the target. Easton’s Acu-carbon arrows use a unique seamless shaft winding process that results in a more consistent product that is a cut above typical hand-rolled carbon shafts. The proprietary Acu-Carbon Uniform Spine process is a continuous-fed, single-die manufacturing method that results in the more reliable tolerances, eliminating the need for spine-alignment and weight sorting. This manufacturing method is the best way to produce arrows with consistent spine and weight from shaft to shaft—vital to having the tightest groups in the target. Get truer arrow flight and tighter groups with Acu-Carbon—made in America and only from Easton.