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A/C Arrow Construction

A/C Arrow Construction – How A/C Arrows are Made

Aluminum carbon hybrid shafts sit at the pinnacle of archery arrow shaft performance. As the pioneer in the category Easton’s legendary A/C arrows have dominated target archery for decades. Since their introduction, Easton A/C shooters have taken every Olympic Championship, and every outdoor World Record across the globe. Precision, Made-in-USA quality, and cutting-edge technology combine to make Easton A/C shafts the gold-standard of high-performance arrows. Easton’s proven A/C technology leverages the precision and strength of a cold-drawn aluminum core synergistically combined with high performance carbon fiber to creating the ultimate arrow. Every Easton AC shaft starts with a high-strength, heat treated aluminum core precisely drawn to tolerances of less than 50 millionths of an inch- the basis for unmatched spine consistency and component fit. Carbon fiber is precisely applied to the aluminum core, with design-specific formulas optimizing weight to stiffness ratios. Advanced Easton-developed thermal processes bond the carbon to the aluminum under tension creating a pre-stressed structure. The synergy between the two materials provides superior straightness, higher ballistic performance, and unmatched spine consistency 360 degrees around the shaft, and from shaft to shaft. The tightest spine tolerances in the industry. Trusted by the most accomplished bowhunters and tournament archers worldwide, Easton AC shafts—the pinnacle of the art of arrow making.